Introduction of radiators

2018-05-20 22:18:21 FH 9

  Small radiators(or cooling fins) are produced by aluminum alloy panel veneers through the sheet metal forming technology and surface treatment, while large radiators are extruded by aluminum alloy to form sectional materials and produced through machining and surface treatment. They have various shapes and sizes for device selection of different device installation and different power consumption radiators generally are standard devices and can provide sectional materials. They can be cut into certain length to produce non-standard radiators as required by users. The surface treatment of radiators includes electrophoretic coating or black anodization treatment with the purpose of improving radiation efficiency and insulation performance. Under the natural cooling, it can be improved by 10-15%. Under the ventilation cooling, it can be improved by 3%. Electrophoretic coating can withstand voltage for 500-800V. 

  Radiator manufacturers give thermal resistance value or relevant curves by aiming at different models of radiators and offer the different thermal resistance value under the diverse radiation conditions.


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